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iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System

iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System


iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System




iMos-Intelligent Mosquito System


3 years warranty (iMos device only)


- Automation System
- Auto Spray
- Continuous Protection
- Wide protection covering
- Non-smelly
- Non-oily
- Kill and repel all small insects (mosquito, ants, roaches) on-premises
- Create a Mosquito-free environment for loved ones*Automation System
*Environmental Friendly
*Continuous protection
*Proven effectiveness
*Wide protection covering
*Repelsmall insects on-premises
*Avoid insecticide direct contact with children

Package Included

- 1 iMos Device
- 1+2 X'Mos-M (refill)
- 2AA Alkaline batteries
- 1 Strong Self-Adhesive non-trace hook
- 1 Instruction manual
- 3 years warranty (iMos device only)

1 X'Mos-M (refill)

Net content: 83 ml (50g)
Days of use: 60- 276days
Shelve life: 2 years (X’Mos M)
Storage: Room Temperature

iMos Device

Gross weight: 420 g
Size: 170 mm (H) x 86 mm (L) x 57 mm (D)
Colour: White
Warranty: 3 years

- 2AA GP Alkaline batteries

Lasting: 10 to 12 months