Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

iMos_InTelligent Mosquito System

Hang on the wall or on the top of the cabinet which is higher than 6 or 7 feet from the floor.
iMos_InTelligent Mosquito System is an excellent idea to reduce Man-Insecticides Contact and at the same time maintain a high level of indoor protection.

DrMos’s aerosol spray obtains very low toxicity and it is even safer than salt. So, it is safe to use for all including babies and pregnant women in normal use. DrMos advised allowing the spraying works for 10mins -15mins before entering the premises, room, office or kids' bedtime for repelling or killing all the mosquitoes or small insects hiding in the corner.

Recently, MOH investigated iMos which was installed at one of the schools after receiving queries from parents, and investigation, MOH concluded that iMos is safe to be used. (The report can be requested if needed.)
DrMos’s mini aerosol spray is using metofluthrin 0.76% as the active ingredient which was obtained by Pesticides Board Malaysia's approval for safety and efficacy with the registration number LRMP.R1/9508 in October 2015.

According to the “Guidelines on Registration of Pesticides, Pesticide Act 1974”, Chapter 3, Impact on Human and Animal (Mammalian Toxicological Data, refer to GP2/93), a full dossier for the toxicological report must be submitted for evaluation, before the registration’s application can be approved. DrMos’s mini aerosol spray is approved under household use, Class IV (unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use) which meant the product is safe to be used by households under proper and normal use.

Furthermore, after “mapping” the substances in DrMos’s mini aerosol spray, it DOES NOT contain any “Drugs and Chemicals Associated With Hemolysis in G6PD Deficiency” as referred to in Perioperative Management of the Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficient Patient: A Review of Literature., Anesth Prog.2009 Fall; 56(3): 86-91.
Everyone is needed to be protected against Aedes mosquito bites which may cause dengue haemorrhagic fever or death.
iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System is purposely designed for residential, kindergarten, nurseries, confinement centres, schools, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, beauty saloons, offices, factories, churches, old folks' houses and all indoor premises.
This system can be DIY easily. The spraying time can be set according to individual needs. The installation is simple and easy. It just needs to hook on the wall which at the ''mosquito entry point'', such as doorways or windows with a height of about 7-9 feet above the ground. A FREE strong adhesive wall pin is attached with the iMos purchase.
For bedroom uses, can last for 138 days, whereas for the living room, is 69 days and for commercial office is 7 weeks.
The iMos device needs only 2AA batteries. The free GP AA batteries are provided which can last for 12 months or more.