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InTelligent Mosquito System -iMos InTelligent Mosquito System

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DrMos inTelligent Mosquito System ~ iMOS 1.0  is an innovative system 'Industry 4.0' concept where it includes current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. iMos will also includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, clound computing and cognitive computing.

InTelligent Mosquito System~iMOS major concept is using the least 'Man-Insecticide' contact to achieve the best reduction of  'Man-Mosquito' contact effect.
iMOS provides a better quality of living life which giving automation of the spraying time according to your living behavior. 
Auto spray, Auto protection. 

iMOS not only kill or repel the mosquito but it can simply repel all the small insects like ants, roaches and even baby spiders in the house.
With the protection of iMOS , you alway deserve to living in the mosquito-free environment  with your loved one. 

Benefit of InTelligent Mosquito System:
*Automation System
*Environmental Friendly
*Continuous protection
*Proven effectiveness
*Wide protection covering
*Non Smelly
*Non Oily
small insects in premises
void insectide direct contact to children


InTelligent Mosquito System ~ FAQ : -

1. How many 'Intelligent Mosquito System' are needed in a room?
A 'Intelligent Mosquito System' is suitable for use in the largest range of 300 square feet, beyond this area must use more 'Intelligent Mosquito System' according to the size of the area. Usually one unit is ideal in the living room, dining room and each room.
2. Will the 'Intelligent Mosquito System' spray affect our health?
We will set the spray time of X’Mos when people are not indoors, for example, indoors, the spray time will be one hour before our bed-time, or in the office, the spray time will be one hour before going to work. It means that when you enter the room, the system has assisted you to kill the Aedes mosquitoes which hiding in the room, providing you a mosquito-free environment. If a second spray is needed (when longer protection is needed for another biting peak of the Aedes mosquito in the afternoon), we recommend that we can temporarily leave the room for about 10 minutes because the spray period is completed within 10 minutes. When spraying is complete, all activities can be performed as usual.

Basically X’Mos is very low in toxicity and it is even safer than salt. As long as there is no direct contact between the pregnant woman or the baby during spraying, and waiting for about 5 minutes before the pregnant woman or baby re-enters the room, it is safe and usable.

3 Will the injection of the 'Intelligent Mosquito System' affect the health of G6PD patients?
Basically, the setting of iMos will make X’Mos spray time when we are not indoors. Therefore, under normal use, the Intelligent Mosquito System will make minimum contact of human toward X’Mos.

X’Mos which using metofluthrin 0.76% as the active ingredient was obtained Pesticides Board Malaysia approval with registration number LRMP.R1/9508 since October 2015. As per the “Guidelines on Registration of Pesticides, Pesticide Act 1974”, Chapter 3, Impact on Human and Animal (Mammalian Toxicological Data, refer to GP2/93), full dossier on the toxicological report must be submitted for evaluation, before the registration application can be approved. X’Mos is approved under household use, Class IV (unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use) which meant the product is safe to be used by household under the proper and normal use.


Furthermore, after “mapping” the substances in X’Mos, it do not contain any “Drugs and Chemicals Associated With Hemolysis in G6PD Deficiency” as refer to Perioperative Management of the Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficient Patient: A Review of Literature., Anesth Prog.2009 Fall; 56(3): 86-91.
4 What should I do if I want to install this system?
This system can be DIY. We can help to guide you how to set it up (based on your control time requirements). The installation is very simple and convenient. Just hang at the 'mosquito entry point', such as doorways, windows, etc., about 8-9 feet above the ground. After you purchase this system, 'Dr. Mos' will provide you free consultation related to mosquito control.


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