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New generation, the most effective mini mosquito aerosol repellent . Adopted new technologies, Nano Micro-Technology & Slow Release Technology . With the new lifestyle concepts, a colorless, odorless, safety and most environmental friendly use mosquito repellent.

X'Mos Mini Aerosol Repellent is a paradigm shift new generation and environmental friendly mosquito control mini spray that is very versatile, portable, indoor & outdoor uses  (as mosquitoes are everywhere anytime now) and highly effective, and perfectly fits into high demanding consumers’ need very well, especially when high quality mosquito control really matters.  It has the combination of electric liquid vaporizer, which is almost odorless and very clean with prolonged mosquito free protection during usages, as well as the immediate fast action of the aerosol spray efficacy, BUT without all the negative effects, i.e. needs of electric power, strong pungent smell, large size, not portable  and high cost per usages of regular aerosol products.
X'Mos is a compacted Mini Aerosol Repellent with metered valve, comes in 50 g (83 ml) that could deliver up to 830 pushes.
​The active ingredient uses is Metofluthrin 0.76% w/w. 
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