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X'Mos Mini Aerosol  XMos X'Mos Mini Aerosol  XMos X'Mos Mini Aerosol  XMos X'Mos Mini Aerosol  XMos X'Mos Mini Aerosol  XMos

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X'Mos is the new generation & the most proven effective mosquito aerosol spray. Adopted new technologies, Nano Micro-Technology & Slow Release Technology. With the new lifestyle concepts, odorlessnon oilynon staining, most safety to use and most  environmental  friendly  use  mosquito  repellent.

X'Mos Mini Aerosol is a paradigm shift new generation and environmental friendly mosquito control mini spray that is very versatile, portable,  indoor  &  outdoor  uses  and  effectiveness  proven  by  consumers.

With the small packing size for large spraying quantity to fulfilled the high demand  of  consumer  usages.

X'Mos Mini Aerosol perfectly fits into high demanding consumers’ need very well, especially when high quality mosquito control really matters.  X'Mos, which is almost odorless and very clean with prolonged mosquito free protection during usages, as well as the immediate fast action of the aerosol spray efficacy,

X'Mos is a compacted mini aerosol with metered valve, comes in 50 g (83 ml) that could deliver up to 830 pushes/sprays.

​The active ingredient uses is Metofluthrin 0.76% w/w.

X’Mos新世纪,最快速, 最有效的迷你灭蚊喷雾剂。它采用新科技概念研发,缓释及纳米微技术,在使用农药剂成分最低的情况下制作出无味,无油,无色同时更为环保即安全的驱蚊灭蚊剂。X’Mos是使用压缩科技生产,它也通过计量阀以便一瓶83毫升(50g)的瓶装可以提供高达830次的喷雾。精致的包装让X’Mos可以方便随时携带户外使用。X’Mos的有效成分为metofluthrin 0.76% w/w.

Top TEN Key Features & Benefits of  X’Mos Mini Aerosol :

  1. Effective & fast action against all mosquitoes, Aedes mosquito as well

  2. Nano Tech Slow Release Technology

  3. Non-oily & non staining, clean and dry formulation

  4. Odorless & non-irritating

  5. Metered valve - Accurate dose. Longer lasting (up to 830 sprays @ 50g)

  6. No wastage, could repels and kills house flies, ants and roaches too.

  7. High safety margin (one mini spray 83ml vs ~270 ml of ten cans of regular spray) comparing to all the aerosol insecticide products (p/s: the inert ingredients , the solvents system and gas are as toxic as the active ingredients) .

  8. Value for money , significant cost saving of 60% to 75% for consumers

  9. Versatile with various applications, indoor or outdoor, compacted & portable. Smaller room or bigger room, can spray a few time lesser or spray more, totally flexible.

  10. Common use in all premises, vehicles – hospital, hotel, school, kindergarten, nursing care, mosque, church, restaurant, shop, car, mpv, bus, etc. 


X'Mos FAQs : -

1: How to use the X'Mos Mini Aerosol?
Spray at the 4 corners of the room size of 10 feet x 10 feet (1 meter distance from the wall) , additional spray for the bigger room size  for sufficient protection for up to  8 hours.

2: How long  a bottle could last?
A bottle or a can of X'Mos Mini Aerosol can spray for 800-830 pushes or 200 days use. The consumption of X'Mos Mini Aerosol is equivalent to 10 normal aerosol insecticide.  There is at least 60 % cost saving when you use X'Mos Mini Aerosol vs the normal insecticide aerosol products.

3: What is the benefit of using the X'Mos Mini Aerosol compared to Conventional aerosol insecticide?
X'Mos Mini Aerosol is fragrance free, odourless, non oily, non staining, dry spray , clean  and suitable for baby or spray in kid's room.

4: How effective is the X'Mos Mini Aerosol?
Up to 8 hours when for indoor uses and up to 2-3 hours for outdoor uses. For outdoor activities, please spray on shocks, pants, shoes, backpack or baby stroller. DO NOT spray direct on skin to avoid skin irritation. 

5: What is the difference between the mechanism of action of X'Mos Mini Aerosol vs Conventional Insecticide Aerosol?
X'Mos Mini Aerosol , the anti-mosquito agent particles settle fast on surfaces and  will evaporate into gas phase slowly over 8 hours period within room, for prolong repelling and killing mosquitoes effect. In Conventional Insecticide Aerosol, the anti-mosquito  particles are floating in the air to kill the mosquitoes, once these particles settling down on the ground within 30 minutes after sprayed, they are unable to give any protection against mosquitoes, therefore it requires a larger amount / dosage and gas pressure to do the basic job and they need to come in big large can size.

6: What is the difference between the active agent of X'Mos Mini Aerosol and the Conventional Insecticide Aerosol?
The anti-mosquito agent of X'Mos Mini Aerosol is the latest generation of release control technology (Metofluthrin)  vs those  Conventional Aerosol Insecticide (Prallethrin and Permethrin), both were classified as synthetic pyrethroids, inspired from natural insecticides contained in the chrysanthemum flowers. The active agent metofluthrin contained in X'Mos Mini Aerosol has much higher vapor pressure so that it evaporated more easily in the air and does not leave any residue.

7: Why is the volume of X'Mos Mini Aerosol only 83ml, whereas other aerosol insecticide may reach 600ml to 800 ml per can?
With only 83ml, X'Mos can be used up to 830 sprays of usage. 4 sprays per day can spray for up to 200 rooms to protect for up to 8 hours.  Regulary spray of 600ml could  spray for up to 42 rooms with average protection of up to one hour only.

p/s: Most solvent system in aerosol insecticide products are as hazard as the active ingredients, as such, X'Mos Mini Aerosol removed all those hazardous solvents and keep a tiny part of the gas system to make it very eco-friendly and safest product available  to be used within the house.

8 How much is the X'Mos cost?
 X'Mos mini aerosol usually sell at RM34.90 per can. 

9. How do I buy it?
Option 1: Direct banking to DrMos Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.
Payment details:
Company:  DrMos HealthCare Sdn Bhd
Bank: CIMB Bank
Banking account: 8010123609
After payment please Whatsapp below details to 019-4739913:
Delivery Address:
Phone number :
Proof of payment:
Option 2: ePayment Gateways - Touch nGo  or  Boost
Scan the QR code and pay accordingly to your purchase amount.

After payment please provide below details:
Delivery Address:
Phone number :
Proof of payment:
Option 3:  Online Shop drmoshealthcare.shop 

Direct purchase from DrMos Online Shop to get more rebate.

All registered Member allow to join the Member Referral Programme to get Referral Bonus and continuous sales rebate from the link sharing to member’s blog, website, FB, whatsapp, Instagram, wechat or any social media tools.

10. Do I need to pay the postage fee?
Free shipping fee. (exclude in special circumstances)



Product Safety FAQs:-

1. Can X'Mos spray on body or skin?

 Do not spray X'Mos directly on human body and skin.

The product, like all pesticides should not be directly applied to the skin. If accidental contact occurs there is likely to be no significant effects apart from a possible slight tingling or skin irritation known as paraesthesia.

2. Safe to use for infant room? 
Metofluthrin is of low acute and chronic toxicity.  Just make sure to wait for at least five minutes before re-enter the room with infant. There are no special concerns for children or infants. However, it is always a good practice to minimize the exposure of infants to any pest control products.

3. Safe to use by pregnant women?
Exposure to high levels of metofluthrin in animal studies was not associated with any significant reproductive or developmental toxicity, so there are no special concerns for pregnant women. However, it is always a good practice to minimize the exposure to pesticides for pregnant women.

4. Safe to use for pets?
Metofluthrin is unlikely to cause significant effects to animals except aquatic animals like fish etc.

5. Safe to use in aquarium?
Metofluthrin, like most pyrethroids is highly toxic to fish and SHOULD NOT BE USED NEAR to aquarium or where contact with fish may occur. Aquaria containing fish should be closed properly so that no water contact with metofluthrin.

6. What happen, if we over-use it?
When overly sprayed in the room, to total protection against mosquitoes will last much longer from 8 hours to probably 24 hours instead.  When over dosed, it has a fumigating effects that can repels cockroaches and ants away from the room, i.e. in the store room or inside the car.  It is unlikely that any significant health effect will occur.


问: X'Mos迷你灭蚊剂跟传统蚊油有什么不同?

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