Xbacaful Antimicrobial

Xbacaful Antimicrobial  Xbacafu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitiser

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X’bacafu is an antimicrobial agent that is difficult to develop resistant bacteria strain.
X’bacafu works to blocking the growth of bacteria. Used as a hand sanitiser to suppress the growth of bacteria which the  80% of bacteria infections is spread by hands.
- 阻止细菌生长
- 用于手部消毒以抑制细菌的生长。
- 助于减低因 80%通过手传播而感染的细菌。。
X’bacafu Anti-Microbial, does not destroy the nucleus of microorganism but it only breaks the outside membrane of these cells of microorganism and blocking composition of protein, DNA. As those microorganism of which composition is blocked, will extinct due to lack of nutrition required for its growing.

X’bacafu除菌剂,不会破坏微生物的细胞核,但它只针对破坏微生物细胞的外膜并阻断蛋白质,DNA的组成。 由于其成分被阻断的那些微生物将由于其生长所需的营养缺乏而灭绝。
X’bacafu Anti-Microbial  is  SAFE & Effective Proven 安全及有效不让细菌滋生
*Japan Food Research Laboratories certified that X’bacafu is safe to use, harmless to skin & eyes
*Suppress and block the growth of most of the bacteria which can caused Allergy & Asthma
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