​Product Safety FAQ 产品安全问答

​Product Safety FAQ 产品安全问答
1. Do not spray directly on human body

The product, like all pesticides should not be directly applied to the skin. If accidental contact occurs there is likely to be no significant effects apart from a possible slight tingling or skin irritation known as paraesthesia.


2. Safe to use for infant room?

Metofluthrin is of low acute and chronic toxicity.  Just make sure to wait for at least five minutes before re-enter the room with infant. There are no special concerns for children or infants. However, it is always a good practice to minimize the exposure of infants to any pest control products.


3. Safe to use by pregnant women?

Exposure to high levels of metofluthrin in animal studies was not associated with any significant reproductive or developmental toxicity, so there are no special concerns for pregnant women. However, it is always a good practice to minimize the exposure to pesticides for pregnant women.

4. Safe to use for pets?
Metofluthrin is unlikely to cause significant effects to animals except aquatic animals like fish etc.


5. Safe to use in aquarium?
Metofluthrin, like most pyrethroids is highly toxic to fish and SHOULD NOT BE USED NEAR to aquarium or  where contact with fish may occur. Aquaria containing fish should be closed properly so that no water contact with metofluthrin.

像大多数拟除虫菊酯一样,Metofluthrin甲乙氟菊酯对鱼类有很高的毒性,不应在水族馆附近或可能与鱼类接触的地方使用。 在使用时先确保含有鱼的水族箱应适当关闭,以免水与甲氟菊酯接触。

​6. What happen, if we over-use it?
When over dosed, it has a fumigating effects that can repels cockroaches and ants away from the room, i.e. in the store room or inside the car.  It is unlikely that any significant health effect will occur.