About Company


DrMos HealthCare Sdn. Bhd. is passionate about eradicating diseases spread by mosquitos. It was formerly known as One iGreen Technology since 2013 until Dr. Lee Yean Wang, the founder, restructured and renamed the company DrMos® in August 2019. DrMos HealthCare is an innovative and sustainable Malaysian company that uses science to develop reliable mosquito control and healthcare products since 2019. The company contributes to improvements in the global health and wellbeing of individuals through its expertise in biology, entomology and information technology which is consistent with the industry 4.0 concept.

DrMos HealthCare has dedicated substantial resources for research and development, resulting in a core range of products with global applications. The products are based on eco-friendly, high-tech and science-based control principles. This makes it available to both the consumer market and for implementation in large-scale disease control campaigns. DrMos HealthCare works closely with clients to ensure it has a comprehensive understanding of their business objectives before it embarks on any marketing strategy. As long as mosquitos are threatening human lives, DrMos® will continue researching and developing new anti-mosquito technology and healthcare products for better protection.

DrMos HealthCare’s Vision is to be the World’s #1 Eco-Tech Mosquito Control and Healthcare Leader by creating eco-friendly, high-tech and science-based mosquito control systems for better human health protection.

The company’s Mission is to protect people from mosquito-borne diseases and enhance lives through Research & Development and to satisfy and delight customers through its proven effective techniques, efficient support, on-time services and best practice consultations. DrMos HealthCare aspires to deliver high-quality mosquito control products that significantly exceed existing products in terms of cost, efficiency, durability, environmental safety and user-friendliness.

DrMos HealthCare aims to build a premium brand in the vector mosquito management market where we operate & compete and to achieve the most eco-friendly, greenest technique and best technology of vector mosquito management with optimum cost in line with long term business objectives. The company’s primary focus is on developing innovative and creative mosquito control systems that can be used to combat vector-borne diseases, especially Dengue.

DrMos HealthCare’s strategy is to build customer insight via open consultations, public speaking forums, focus groups, exhibitions and quality assurance visits. The company is committed to good quality service to customers through strict and uniform implementation of proven eco-friendly techniques that conform to or exceed the stipulated quality specification of the SIRIM Standard & Pesticide Board Malaysia.

Dr. Lee Yean Wang, also known as DrMos®, has been in the mosquito control research profession since 1998. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (medical entomology) from University Sains Malaysia and did his Ph.D. research in Aedes mosquito control. Dr. Lee had worked with the Vector Control Research Unit, School of Biological Sciences, University Sains Malaysia for more than 8 years. His main responsibility was helping the government and WHOPES to study the efficacy of all public health and household insecticide products for mosquitoes, cockroaches, and house fly control.

Dr. Lee and his research team had successfully developed a fundamental change in the mosquito spray industry. They created a new generation of environmentally friendly mosquito control mini spray namely X’Mos Mini Repellent that is non-oily, non-smelly, non-staining, versatile, portable and for indoor & outdoor uses. XMos mini repellent is well performed to solve all the mosquito biting issues, efficacy proven by consumers, and perfectly fits into high demanding consumers’ needs.

The team also developed another new great product, called the iMos®-InTelligent Mosquito System, innovated to solve timing issues of when to spray, when to replace the aerosol or batteries. iMos® is an innovative system in line with the Industry 4.0 concept that includes current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, cyber-physical systems, the internet, cloud computing and cognitive computing.