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iMos_InTelligent Mosquito System

iMos-Intelligent Mosquito System

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iMos®-InTelligent Mosquito System 1.0 is an innovative system in line ''Industry 4.0'' conceptiMos® is an ideal of reduce ''Man-Insecticide'' contact at the same time maintain the high efficacy of protection for all. The combination of automation system with auto spraying time set to giving continuous auto protection according to each consumer needs and living behavior.

iMos® always provide everyone a better living life quality with mosquito free environment.
Meanwhile, iMOS not only kill mosquito but also repel all the others insects like ants, fly, roaches etc.

iMos®-Intelligent Mosquito System is definitely your best choice for anti-mosquito.

With the protection of iMos®, you alway deserve to living in the mosquito-free environment  with your loved ones. 
Features of InTelligent Mosquito System:
*Automation System
*Environmental Friendly
*Continuous protection
*Proven effectiveness
*Wide protection covering
*Non Smelly
*Non Oily
*Repel small insects in premises
*Avoid insecticide direct contact to children


InTelligent Mosquito System ~ FAQ : -

1. How many iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System dispenser are needed in a room?
An iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System dispenser is suitable to use in the largest range of 300 square feet, additional iMOS dispenser needed according to the size of the area.
Usually one unit is ideal for the living room, dining room or each room. For a house with 3 bedrooms, Install 1 unit of iMOS at each Bed-Rooms (3 bedrooms need 3 units), 1 unit at Living room and 1 unit at Dining Room, a total of 5 units per set / system.

2. Will the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System spray affect human health?
iMos - InTelligent Mosquito System is an excellent ideal to reduce the Man-Insecticides Contact  and at the same time to maintain a high level of indoor protection. 

DrMos’s aerosol spray obtaining a very low in toxicity and it is even safer than salt. So, it is safe to use for all including babies and pregnant woman in normal use. DrMos advice to allow the spraying works for 10mins -15mins before entering to the premises, room, office or kids bed-time for repel or kill all the mosquito or small insects hiding in the corner.

Recently, MOH had investigated iMos which installed at one of the school after received query from parent, and after investigation, MOH concluded that iMos is safe to be used. (the report is forwarded from complainant himself)

3 Will the spray of the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System affect the health of G6PD patient?
DrMos’s mini aerosol spray is using metofluthrin 0.76% as the active ingredient which was obtained Pesticides Board Malaysia approval for the safety and the efficacy with the registration number LRMP.R1/9508  since October 2015.
According to the “Guidelines on Registration of Pesticides, Pesticide Act 1974”, Chapter 3, Impact on Human and Animal (Mammalian Toxicological Data, refer to GP2/93), full dossier for the toxicological report must be submitted for evaluation, before the registration’s application can be approved. DrMos’s mini aerosol spray is approved under household use, Class IV (unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use) which meant the product is safe to be used by household under the proper and normal use.
Furthermore, after “mapping” the substances in DrMos’s mini aerosol spray, it DO NOT contain any “Drugs and Chemicals Associated With Hemolysis in G6PD Deficiency” as refer to Perioperative Management of the Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficient Patient: A Review of Literature., Anesth Prog.2009 Fall; 56(3): 86-91.
4. Who need to install the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System?
Every ones are needed to be protected against Aedes mosquito bite which may caused dengue haemorrhagic fever or death.
iMos - InTelligent Mosquito System is purposely designed to for residential, kindergarten, nursery, confinement centre, school, clinic, hospital, hotel, restaurant, beauty saloon, office, factory, church, old folks house and all indoor premises.

5. How to install the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System? Can I do it myself?
This system can be DIY. The spraying time can be set according to individual needs.  The installation is simple and easy. It just need to hook on the wall which at the ''mosquito entry point'',  such as doorways or windows with the height about 7-9 feet above the ground.

6How long can the iMos refill last?
For living room / dining room, exchange refill every 30 days. While for bed room, exchange refill every 60 days.

7How long can the iMos battery last?
The iMOS needs 2 AA battery, the GP AA battery provided can last for about 10 months. The battery can be exchange with any AA type in the market.

8 How much does this iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System cost?
Each system with 5 units of iMos are selling at RM 720 (full set including X’Mos)

9. How do I buy it?
Option 1: Direct banking to DrMos Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.
Payment details:
Company:  DrMos HealthCare Sdn Bhd
Bank: CIMB Bank
Banking account: 8010123609
After payment please Whatsapp below details to 019-4739913:
Delivery Address:
Phone number :
Proof of payment:
Option 2: ePayment Gateways - Touch nGo  or  Boost
Scan the QR code and pay accordingly to your purchase amount.

After payment please provide below details:
Delivery Address:
Phone number :
Proof of payment:
Option 3:  Online Shop 

Direct purchase from DrMos Online Shop to get more rebate.

All registered Member allow to join the Member Referral Programme to get Referral Bonus and continuous sales rebate from the link sharing to member’s blog, website, FB, whatsapp, Instagram, wechat or any social media tools.

10. Do I need to pay the postage fee?
Free shipping fee. (Unless in special circumstances)

iMos®智能灭蚊系统是以减少“人与杀虫剂”接触的理想为首要概念,同时也保持高效的防蚊保护工作。 自动化系统使自动喷涂时间可根据每个消费者的需求和生活习惯自行设置 以确保提供连续性的自动防护功能。iMos®智能灭蚊系统 让人人都可以享受无蚊无忧的生活品质。与此同时,iMos®智能灭蚊系统 不仅可以杀死蚊子,还可以驱除其他昆虫,如蚂蚁,苍蝇,蟑螂等。


iMos智能灭蚊系统 ~ 常见问题 : -


iMos智能灭蚊系统 的喷雾时间将会设置在人们没有在室内活动时喷雾或可以依照个人需求设置喷雾时间。比方,在室内,喷雾时间将会在入睡前一小时进行;或在办公室,喷雾时间将会在上班前一个小时进行。iMos智能灭蚊系统 在您还未抵达室内时已自动协助您把躲藏在室内的黑斑蚊击杀了,给您一个无蚊无忧的环境。如果需要在下午时段即是黑斑蚊吸血的另一个高峰期进行第二次喷雾的防护工作, DrMos建议室内者可以暂行离开10尺范围外让系统进行大约10分钟的喷雾工作,可避免直接接触。
基本上iMos智能灭蚊系统 的喷雾剂毒性非常的低,它甚至比盐还要安全。只要在喷雾时,避免孕妇或婴儿直接性接触。喷雾时,建议让孕妇或婴儿等待10至15分钟后再进入房内更为安全。


基本上iMos智能灭蚊系统 的喷雾时间设置在无人活动范围内进行喷雾,在正常使用的情况下,是可以避免直接接触的机会。
无论如何,在经过跟G6PD患者所敏感的“化合物”的对比后,iMos智能灭蚊系统的喷雾剂 里是不含这些对G6PD患者敏感的“化合物”成分。大马农药局也在审查了所有提呈的毒性安全测试文件后,批准了此产品为适合普通公众使用,并把它界定为“在正常使用下是不会造成任何危害”的产品,所以它是可以安全使用的。
4. 谁需要安装iMos智能灭蚊系统?
iMos-智能灭蚊系统专为住宅,幼儿园,托儿所,分娩中心,学校,诊所,医院,酒店,餐厅,美容院,办公室,工厂,教堂,老人房屋和所有室内场所 而设计以确保人人都可以随时随地受到保护。


6. 需要多久更换iMos智能灭蚊系统 喷雾剂?

7. 需要多久更换iMos智能灭蚊系统 电池?
随购买iMos智能灭蚊系统会附上GP 2AA 电池,可使用长达10个月。此后,您也可用任何品牌之AA型电池更换。

8. iMos智能灭蚊系统的价钱?
每套5台装iMos智能灭蚊系统 售价为RM 720
( 包含5 瓶X’Mos迷你灭蚊剂,5套GP 2AA 电池及5个无痕黏贴钩等完整启用配套)。

选项 1: 银行转账到公司DrMos Healthcare Sdn. Bhd.
公司: DrMos HealthCare Sdn Bhd
银行: CIMB Bank
银行户口: 8010123609
选项2: 电子支付- Touch nGo  Boost

付款证明/收据Proof of payment:
选项3:  DrMos网店购买: 




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