XMos Mini Repellent

XMos Mini Repellent
XMos Mini Repellent
XMos Mini Repellent
XMos Mini Repellent
XMos Mini Repellent


XMos Mini Repellent

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XMos Mini Repellent
X'Mos Mini Mosquito Repellent is a quality mosquito control product formulated by DrMos HealthCare Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia.  X'Mos is the newest generation and the most efficient mosquito aerosol spray to satisfy the demand of the consumers. It has adopted new technologies, Nano Micro-Technology & Slow Release Technology. With the new lifestyle concepts, odorless, non-oily, non-staining, safest to use, and most environmentally friendly.

X'Mos Mini Repellent is a fundamentally new generation and environmentally friendly mosquito control mini spray that is very versatile, portable, for indoor and outdoor uses with effectiveness proven by consumers.
Small packing size with large spraying quantity to fulfil the high demand for consumer use.

X'Mos Mini Repellent fits perfectly for the high demand of consumers’ needs very well, especially since high-quality mosquito control really matters.  X'Mos, is almost odorless and very clean with prolonged protection from mosquitos during each use. It contains immediate fast action of the aerosol spray for the highest efficacy.

X'Mos is a compacted mini aerosol with a metered valve. It comes in 50 g (83 ml) and can deliver up to 830 pushes/sprays.
The active ingredient uses is Metofluthrin 0.76% w/w from Sumitomo, Japan.

Top TEN Key Features & Benefits of  X’Mos Mini Repellent :

  1. Effective & fast action against all mosquitoes, including the Aedes mosquito
  2. Nano Tech with Slow Release Technology
  3. Non-oily & non-staining, clean and dry formulation
  4. Odorless & non-irritating
  5. Metered valve - Accurate dose. Longer lasting (up to 830 sprays @ 50g)
  6. Multi-usage: can repel and kills house flies, ants and roaches too.
  7. High safety margin (one mini spray 83ml vs ~270 ml of ten cans of regular spray) compared to all the aerosol insecticide products (p/s: inert ingredients, solvent system, and gas are as toxic as the active ingredients).
  8. Value for money, a significant cost saving of 60% to 75% for consumers
  9. Versatile with various applications, indoor or outdoor, compact & portable. Adjustable spray amounts for smaller or bigger rooms.
  10. Great use for all purposes: vehicles, hospitals, hotels, schools, kindergarten, nursing care, mosques, churches, restaurants, shops, cars, buses, etc. 

The Unique Selling Point for X’Mos Mini repellent:

  1. Non Oily
  2. Non Smelly
  3. Non staining, even spray on the wall or shirt & pants
  4. 1 can able to deliver up to 830 sprays
  5. Portable and can use indoor and outdoor

X'Mos FAQs: -

1: How to effectively use the X'Mos Mini Repellent?: -

A) Indoor Use: Spray once in each corner (4 sprays) of a standard room (10 feet x 10 feet). In larger spaces, such as 300 sqft area, 12 sprays are required to spray around the room walls. This provides up to 8 hours of protection from mosquito bites. Typically we recommend re-entering the room after 5 minutes to let the spray diffuse.

Use for baby room / confinement room / nursing room / kindergarten: Spray according to the room size, about 4 sprays in the room corners for the room size within 10 x 10 feet. Let the baby/postnatal mum re-enter the room after 5-10mins sprayed. For the best result of the protection, turn off the exhaust fan and the air purifier. Open window may increase the outdoor mosquito fly in and hiding in the room.

Use in car: Apply 4 to 6 sprays inside the car and re-enter after 5 mins.

B) Outdoor Use: Spray about 5 to 6 times on clothing, pants, shoes, or hats. The active agent will stick to the surface and slowly be released. It can provide up to 2 to 3 hours of protection outdoors (depending on the outdoor weather). For dining outdoors, apply 12 to 16 sprays at the tables, chairs, or objects surrounding to provide 2 -3 hours of repellent protection.

2: How long does a bottle last?: A bottle or a can of X'Mos Mini Repellent can last up to 800-830 sprays or 200 days of use. The consumption of X'Mos Mini Repellent is equivalent to 10 normal aerosol insecticides. There are at least 60% cost savings when using X'Mos Mini Repellent vs the normal insecticide aerosol products.

3: What is the benefit of using the X'Mos Mini Repellent compared to Conventional aerosol insecticide?: X'Mos Mini Repellent is a fragrance-free, odourless, non-oily, non-staining, dry spray, clean, and suitable for spraying in babies or a child's room.

4: How effective is the X'Mos Mini Repellent?: X'Mos Mini Repellent can use for indoor and outdoor. It is effective for up to 8 hours for indoor uses and 2-3 hours for outdoor uses. Please spray on socks, pants, shoes, backpack, or baby stroller for outdoor activities. DO NOT spray directly on the skin to avoid skin irritation.

5: What is the difference between the mechanism of action of X'Mos Mini Repellent vs Conventional Insecticide Aerosol?: X'Mos Mini Repellent allows the anti-mosquito agent particles to settle fast on surfaces and will evaporate into the gas phase slowly over an 8 hour period to prolong repelling and killing mosquitoes. In Conventional Insecticide Aerosol, the anti-mosquito particles float in the air to kill the mosquitoes, once these particles settle down on the ground within 30 minutes after sprayed, they are unable to give any protection against mosquitoes, therefore it requires a larger amount / more dosages and more gas pressure to do the same job. That’s why they are sold in larger large can sizes.

6: What is the difference between the active agent of X'Mos Mini Repellent and the Conventional Insecticide Aerosol?: The anti-mosquito agent of X'Mos Mini Repellent is the latest generation of release control technology (Metofluthrin) vs that Conventional Aerosol Insecticide (Prallethrin and Permethrin), both were classified as synthetic pyrethroids, inspired from natural insecticides contained in the chrysanthemum flowers. The active agent metofluthrin in X'Mos Mini Repellent has a much higher vapour pressure so that it evaporates more easily into the air and does not leave a residue.

7: Why is X'Mos Mini Repellent's volume only 83ml, whereas other aerosol insecticides may reach 600ml to 800 ml per can?: With the only 83ml, X'Mos can be used up to 830 sprays of usage. 4 sprays per day can spray for up to 200 rooms to protect for up to 8 hours. In comparison, other aerosol insecticides of 600ml could spray for up to 42 rooms with average protection of up to one hour only. Most solvent systems in traditional aerosol insecticide products are as hazardous as the active ingredients. That’s why X'Mos Mini Repellent removed all the hazardous solvents and keeps only a tiny part of the gas system to make it very eco-friendly and the safest product available to be used within the house.

8: How much does the X'Mos cost?: X'Mos mini repellent selling price is fixed at RM25.00 per can in West Malaysia, RM30.00 per can in East Malaysia.

Product Safety FAQs: -

1. Can X'Mos spray directly on the human body or skin?: Do not spray X'Mos directly on the human body and skin. Like all pesticides, the product should not be directly applied to the skin. If accidental contact occurs, it is likely to have no significant effects apart from a possible slight tingling or skin irritation known as paraesthesia.

2. Is that X’Mos safe to use for an infant room?: Metofluthrin is of low acute and chronic toxicity. Just make sure to wait for at least 5 minutes before re-entering the room with an infant. There are no special concerns for children or infants

3. Is that X’Mos safe to use for pregnant women?: Exposure to high levels of metofluthrin in animal studies was not associated with any significant reproductive or developmental toxicity, so there are no special concerns for pregnant women.

4. Is that X’Mos safe to use for the G6PD patients?: X'Mos uses metofluthrin 0.76% as the active ingredient that has passed the Pesticides Board Malaysia approval for the safety and efficacy with the registration number LRMP.R1/9508 October since 2015. According to the “Guidelines on Registration of Pesticides, Pesticide Act 1974”, Chapter 3, Impact on Human and Animal (Mammalian Toxicological Data, refer to GP2/93), a full dossier for the toxicological report must be submitted for evaluation, before the registration’s application can be approved. X’Mos mini repellent is approved under household use, Class IV (unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use) which means the product is safe to be used by households under the proper and normal use. Furthermore, after “mapping” the substances in X’Mos mini repellent, it does NOT contain any “Drugs and Chemicals Associated with Hemolysis in G6PD Deficiency” as referring to Perioperative Management of the Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficient Patient: A Review of Literature., Anesth Prog.2009 Fall; 56(3): 86-91.

5. Is that X’Mos safe to use for pets?: Metofluthrin is unlikely to cause significant effects to animals except for aquatic animals like fish etc.

6. Is that X’Mos safe to use in an aquarium?: Like most pyrethroids, Metofluthrin is highly toxic to fish and SHOULD NOT BE USED NEAR aquariums or where contact with fish may occur. Aquaria containing fish should be closed properly so that there is no water contact with metofluthrin.

7. What happens if I over-use it?: When overdosed, it has a fumigating effect that can repel roaches and ants away from the room, i.e. in the storeroom or inside the car. It is unlikely that any significant health effect will occur. According to the results of the rat toxicity inhalation test, humans must continuously inhale up to 7.8 million X'Mos jets to cause 50% mortality

8. What happens if I miss spray on the body or eyes?: Just wash with the water.

9. What happens if I miss spray into the mouth?: Wash with the water immediately and drink plenty of water or milk.


Gross weight per can: 80g

Height: 124mm

Diameter: 45mm

Capacity: 830 sprays

Shelve life: 2 years

Storage: Room temperature

Features: - Small size, can keep in pockets or handbag
- Portable, easy to carry out for outdoor use

Use: Indoor / Outdoor / Dining / Car

1 bottle Last Long: up to 800-830 sprays or 200 days of use.

Safe to use: baby room, confinement centre, nursery, clinic, hospital.

Spray On: cloth, pants, skirt, shoes, cap

Effective: within 5 mins post spray

1 spray Last Long: Up to 8 hours(Indoor)

Non-Oily: YES

Non-Smelly: YES

Non-staining: YES

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