Xbacaful Antimicrobial

Xbacaful Antimicrobial


Xbacaful Antimicrobial

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Xbacafu is an antimicrobial agent that is difficult to develop resistant bacteria strains.

Xbacafu works to block the growth of bacteria. It is used as a hand sanitiser to suppress bacteria's development. The hand is the body part which always quickly spreading bacterial infections.

Xbacafu Antimicrobial does not destroy the nucleus of microorganisms, but it only breaks the outer membrane of these cells of microorganism and blocking the composition of protein, DNA. As those microorganisms are blocked, they will be extinct due to the lack of nutrition required for their growth.

Xbacafu Antimicrobial proven effectively kills 99.99% germs and virus including virus Covid-19, more than 400 types bacterial, mold and algae.
It's widely used to suppressed and blocking the growth of bacteria which may cause Allergy and Asthma.

It has also proven effective against MRSA - Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Legionella.

Japan Food Research Laboratories certified that Xbacafu Antimicrobial is safe to use, harmless to skin & eyes.

Malaysia UMT life cell exposure test indicated that it does not harm the life cell, means can be used safely.

Ingredients: Polyhexamethylene Cation, Benzalkonium Chloride, Glycerine, Aqua and Vitamin E.

This product No added fragrance needed.

Net: 80ml @ >600 sprays per bottle           

Direction to Use:

1.Spray on Reusable Mask inner & outer mask surface to kill bacteria and viruses and achieve deodorant purposes.

2. Use as a Hand Sanitizer, spray on hand routinely, no rinsing required, it can kill 99.99% germs, viruses & bacterial.

3. Use as Wound Disinfectant, spray on the wound to suppress bacterial growth and help the wound heal faster effectively.

4. As Hand-phone Screen Cleaner, spray on the screen, use tissue paper to rub it for getting screen free from virus & bacterial.

No rinsing required. 


Xbacafu Antimicrobial 特点

Kill Germs 99.99%
Non added fragrance
Child Friendly


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Net content: 80 ml

Gross weight: 100 g

Height: 128 mm

Diameter: 36 mm

Capacity: > 800 sprays

Shelve life: 45 years

Storage: Room temperature

Features:: - Multipurpose use
- Mask Disinfectant
- Hand sanitiser
- Handphone screen cleaner
- Wound disinfectant

Kill Germs & Virus: 99.99%

Alcohol Free: YES

Use for baby room / confinement room / nursing room / kindergarten: YES

Non-Oily: YES

Non-Smelly: YES

Non-staining: YES

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