iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System

iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System

iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System

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iMos®-InTelligent Mosquito System 1.0 is an innovative system in line with the ''Industry 4.0'' concept. iMos® has the ideal of reducing ''Man-Insecticide'' contact while maintaining the high efficacy protection for all. The combination of an automation system with auto spraying times set to give continuous auto protection according to each consumer’s need and lifestyle.

iMos® always provides everyone with a better quality of life by providing a mosquito-free environment. iMos® does not only kill mosquitos, but it also repels all other insects similar to ants, flies, roaches, etc.

iMos®-Intelligent Mosquito System is definitely your best choice for anti-mosquito spaces.

With the protection of iMos®, you always have the option of living in a mosquito-free environment with your loved ones. 

Features of InTelligent Mosquito System:
*Automation System
*Environmental Friendly
*Continuous protection
*Proven effectiveness
*Wide protection covering
*Repel small insects on-premises
*Avoid insecticide direct contact with children



1. How many iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System dispensers are needed in a room?: 
One unit of iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System dispenser is suitable to use for a maximum range of 600 square feet, an additional iMos dispensers are needed according to the size of the area. Usually, one unit is ideal for the living room, dining room, or each room. For a house with 3 bedrooms, Install 1 unit of iMos in each bedroom (3 bedrooms need 3 units), 1 unit in the living room, and 1 unit in the dining room, for a total of 5 units per set/system.

2. Will the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System spray affect human health?: iMos - InTelligent Mosquito System is an excellent way to reduce the man-insecticide Contact while at the same time maintain a high level of indoor protection. DrMos’s mosquito repellent has very low toxicity and is safer than salt. So, it is safe to use for all people, including babies and pregnant women. Allow the spray to work in an empty room for about 10-15mins before entering the premises including, rooms, offices, or kids' bedrooms to properly repel or kill all the mosquitos or small insects hiding in corners. Recently, MOH has investigated iMos systems installed in a school due to complaints from a concerned parent. After the investigation, MOH concluded that iMos is safe to be used. (The report is forwarded from the complainant himself.) According to the rat toxicity inhalation test results, humans must continuously inhale up to 7.8 million X'Mos jets to cause 50% mortality.

3. Will the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System spray affect the health of G6PD patients?: DrMos’s mosquito repellent is using metofluthrin 0.76% as the active ingredient which has passed the Pesticides Board Malaysia approval for the safety and efficacy with the registration number LRMP.R1/9508 since October 2015. According to the “Guidelines on Registration of Pesticides, Pesticide Act 1974”, Chapter 3, Impact on Human and Animal (Mammalian Toxicological Data, refer to GP2/93), a full dossier for the toxicological report must be submitted for evaluation, before the registration’s application can be approved. DrMos’s mosquito repellnt is approved under household use, Class IV (unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use) which means the product is safe to be used by households under the proper and normal use. Furthermore, after “mapping” the substances in DrMos’s mosquito repellent, it does NOT contain any “Drugs and Chemicals Associated with Hemolysis in G6PD Deficiency” as referring to Perioperative Management of the Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficient Patient: A Review of Literature., Anesth Prog.2009 Fall; 56(3): 86-91.

4. Who should install the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System?: Everyone needs to be protected against the Aedes mosquito bite, which may cause dengue haemorrhagic fever or even death. The iMos - InTelligent Mosquito System is purposely designed for residential areas, kindergartens, nurseries, confinement centres, schools, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, offices, factories, churches, old folks homes, and all other indoor premises.

5. How do I install the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System? Can I do it myself?: This system can be done yourself. The spray time can be set according to your individual needs. The installation is simple and easy. It just needs to hook on the wall at the ''mosquito entry point'', such as doorways or windows with a height about 7-9 feet above the ground.

6. How long will the iMos refill last?: For living rooms or dining rooms, exchange refills every 103 days (depending on the room size). For bedrooms, exchange refills every 276 days (9 Months).

7. How long can the iMos battery last?: The iMos needs 2 AA batteries, the GP AA battery provided can last for about 12 months. The battery can be exchanged with any AA type in the market.

8. How much does the iMos-InTelligent Mosquito System cost?: Each iMos set is selling for RM 159 【Complimentary gift with X’Mos-M (Value RM 60), 2 AA Battery, and 1 non-stick wall Pin】


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Weight(grams): 550

Dimension: 170 cm (Length) x 86 cm (Width) x 57 cm (Height)

Features:: - Automation System
- Auto Spray
- Continuous Protection
- Wide protection covering
- Non-smelly
- Non-oily
- Kill and repel all small insects (mosquito, ants, roaches) on-premises
- Create a Mosquito-free environment for loved ones*Automation System
*Environmental Friendly
*Continuous protection
*Proven effectiveness
*Wide protection covering
*Repelsmall insects on-premises
*Avoid insecticide direct contact with children

Package Included: - 1 iMos Auto Dispenser
- 1 X'Mos-M (refill)
- 2AA Alkaline batteries
- 1 Strong Self-Adhesive non-trace hook
- 1 Instruction manual
- 3 years warranty (iMos auto dispenser only)

iMos Auto Dispenser: Gross weight: 420 g
Size: 170 mm (H) x 86 mm (L) x 57 mm (D)
Colour: White
Warranty: 3 years

1 X'Mos-M (refill): Net content: 83 ml (50g)
Days of use: 60- 276days
Shelve life: 2 years (X’Mos M)
Storage: Room Temperature

- 2AA Alkaline batteries: Lasting: 10 to 12 months

warranty: 3 years warranty (iMos auto dispenser only)

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