iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System

iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System
iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System
iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System
iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System
iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System
iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System


iMos-inTelligent Mosquito System

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iMos®-InTelligent Mosquito System 2.0 is an innovative system in line ''Industry 4.0'' concept which is one of its kind. It is the ONLY system which allows customised setting automation based on one's needs.
iMos®-InTelligent Mosquito System 2.0 is designed with the idea of providing HASEELE-FREESAFE and EFFECTIVE mosquito solution for you and your loved ones.

iMos® is ideal for reducing ''Man-Insecticide'' contact while at the same time maintaining the high efficacy of protection for all. The combination of automation system with auto spraying time set to give continuous auto protection according to each consumer's needs and living behaviour.
Meanwhile, iMos® not only kill the mosquito but also repel all other insects like ants, fly, roaches etc.
With the protection of iMos®, you always deserve to live in a mosquito-free environment with your loved ones. 
Key Features of iMos®
*Kills mosquitoes
*Repel small insects - roaches, ants etc.
*Hassle Free
*Environmental Friendly
*Safe to use, even for babies
*Customised setting automation
*Auto Spray, Auto Protection
*Wide protection covering
iMos®-InTelligent Mosquito System is purposely designed to suit residential, kindergarten, nurseries, confinement centres, schools, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, beauty saloons, offices, factories, churches, old folks' houses and all indoor premises.

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Weight(grams): 550

Dimension: 170 cm (Length) x 86 cm (Width) x 57 cm (Height)

Features:: - Automation System
- Auto Spray
- Continuous Protection
- Wide protection covering
- Non-smelly
- Non-oily
- Kill and repel all small insects (mosquito, ants, roaches) on-premises
- Create a Mosquito-free environment for loved ones*Automation System
*Environmental Friendly
*Continuous protection
*Proven effectiveness
*Wide protection covering
*Repelsmall insects on-premises
*Avoid insecticide direct contact with children

Package Included: - 1 iMos Device
- 1+2 X'Mos-M (refill)
- 2AA Alkaline batteries
- 1 Strong Self-Adhesive non-trace hook
- 1 Instruction manual
- 3 years warranty (iMos device only)

iMos Device: Gross weight: 420 g
Size: 170 mm (H) x 86 mm (L) x 57 mm (D)
Colour: White
Warranty: 3 years

1 X'Mos-M (refill): Net content: 83 ml (50g)
Days of use: 60- 276days
Shelve life: 2 years (X’Mos M)
Storage: Room Temperature

- 2AA GP Alkaline batteries: Lasting: 10 to 12 months

warranty: 3 years warranty (iMos device only)


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